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With over 20 years of experience in real estate, Avi’s knowledge spans from mortgage lending to home sales. He kicked off his experience in financing, had the unique opportunity of working with a reputable high-rise condominium developer at projects in Marina del Rey, the Wilshire corridor, as well as the San Fernando Valley, and finally found his niche helping families and investors realize their real estate dreams. Today, he is happy to be part of the Truline Realty team. “The level of support here is outstanding. Everyone is so friendly and are always willing to offer their assistance in any way they can. With all the agencies out there, it’s important to distinguish yourself from the flock. Being part of an intimate boutique firm, which truly pays attention to individual needs, is simply invaluable.”

Teamwork is everything, and as such, Avi has aligned himself with all elements essential in real estate, including but not limited to top-notch home loan consultants, responsive escrow & title services, trusting contractors, acclaimed real estate photographers, creative interior designers & home stagers, and knowledgeable financial planners & real estate attorneys. “We’ve all heard of the adage, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. There’s absolutely no exception in real estate. All too often, prospective buyers give up because they might have had too many doors close on them from the get go. Being able to set a plan into place to reach your goals, even when you might not be ready to purchase a home can make a huge difference.”

There is a big misconception about how difficult it is to purchase a property. Many people aren’t actively seeking a home purchase because they think they might not qualify. That is why Avi has chosen to work with mortgage consultants who understand every client has a unique situation. “Although a client might not qualify for a home purchase upon first contact, the conversation they will have is going to end with a plan on what it will take in order to qualify. It might be in two months, or it might be two years down the road, but ultimately, they will not be left in out in the cold. A plan will be put in place for them to reach their real estate goals,” says Brett, one of the lenders Avi works with.

For some, however, a starter home may not be the dream home with every feature one would hope for, but it is definitely a leveraging leap into achieving that dream home. After gaining value and equity over time, it can be rented out, sold, or used to pull cash out from to buy another property. “Owning property can bestow flexibility and leveraging options to a home owner that might not be available to a lifetime renter. However, let’s not forget that even a starter home can be remodeled with attractive and comfortable functionality which will keep it looking modern for years to come.”

Selling a property is also an art. Priming a property in order to make it market-ready involves not only pricing it right, but also making sure it looks attractive to potential buyers. “What we don’t want to see is a home sit on the market for months without drawing any offers, while the seller desperately reduces the price until it sells for a price under market value. Usually, buyers cannot seem to shake the question of what’s wrong with a property that has sat on the market for a long time. However, with proper guidance from an experienced agent, a seller can minimize days-on-market, while maximizing their sales price.”

When asked about what drives him in this industry, Avi is quick to point out, “I like to see my clients happy, especially first-time home buyers who have never dreamt home ownership was ever possible. It’s really rewarding to be a part of that experience where a client has attained the largest investment of their lives.”

Avi has lived in Southern California since birth. He enjoys spending time with his family, but most of all, loves giving back to his community. “The friends and relationships I’ve cultivated here run deep. When you invest in your community and watch it grow prosperously, you want to duplicate that success in other communities. As a real estate agent, I have the unique opportunity to help do just that—and because of it—I’m very passionate about what I do.”

Avi Almogue


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